1. It is important to stand back and access your home from a buyers perspective, how they might feel walking into your home for the first time. Therefore, tip number 1 is first impressions matter. 
  2. Can a buyer see the features of your home and the size of the spaces so they can imagine their own furniture in your home? Tip number 2 is this, declutter and simplify rooms to give each space a purpose. 
  3. These days we are all so busy, more than ever a buyer wants a property that doesn't need work, which leads me to tip number 3, get to those maintenance things that you have been putting off. This includes things like freshening up your gardens with new mulch, clipping hedges, cleaning inside and out, painting where needed and checking all the lights and smoke alarms. This may seem like overkill but it all helps in giving the impression to the buyer that they can move in and not have to do a thing. 
  4. Tip number 4, listen to your agent, they know the market and what your buyers will want, following their advise is paramount to getting your top sales price. 
  5. Tip number 5, don't sell your home empty! There are no good reasons to sell your property empty unless it has been sold off the plan. Property styling is the finishing touch that sellers are demanding in this market. It adds thousands of dollars your sales price and in almost all cases the property has sold much quicker. 
  6. Tip number 6, if your home is in the higher end bracket and you are seeking a premium price it may be best to get professional advise. This is a great idea if your property needs a freshen up before going on the market. An interior designer can offer advise on paint colours, furniture layouts, light selections and accessories that will enhance your properties best features and create an emotional response in potential buyers. 
  7. Tip number 7, if you are on a budget and need a makeover, consider investing in some new accessories to freshen up your home. These things include white bed linen, candles, fresh flowers, new artwork, cushions and throws to compliment your existing pieces. If all of that sounds like too much work, we offer accessory packs to hire for the duration of your campaign and free advise with any package purchased through us.